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Here’s What You Get

When you open up Angelo’s Body Bundle for the first time, here’s what you’ll find…

  • A water bottle so you can make sure you’re on top of getting enough fluids
  • Yoga pants so you can achieve the best range of motive for the most productive workout
  • A tank top so you can stay cool & dry instead of wet & uncomfortable
  • A towel so you can wipe that sweat off your face when you really heat up
  • A yoga mat so you can work out without fear of slipping, falling, or hurting your neck and head
  • A measuring tape so you can make sure you’re properly tracking your results & how your body changes
  • A set of exercise bands so you can improve strength and joint mobility with reduced risk of injury
  • Ankle weights, dumbbells, and handweights so you can have the right equipment to get your workout
  • Bluetooth speakers so you can crank your favorite workout tunes
  • Hair ties so your hair doesn’t get in your face
  • A bag to put all your stuff in so you can be ready to travel or work out on the go

PLUS...Unlock 3 More Fitness Coachings, including…

How to Stretch The Right Way in 5 Minutes

Learn how to stretch & when to stretch so you can get the best results from exercising

How to Improve Your Exercise Form in 5 Minutes

Find out how to avoid unnecessary stress on the body & prevent injury 

The Key Performance Indicators for a Better Body

Discover exactly what metrics will show whether or not your workout is working for you

A $400 VALUE FOR $275

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Angelo?

Over the past 20 years, Angelo Frasier has trained 100s of beauty pageant contestants & served as judge for Miss South Carolina, Miss Georgia, Miss North Carolina, Miss Louisiana, & Miss Teen South Carolina in the Miss USA & Miss America systems. He is passionate about helping women become the best versions of themselves through personalized diet & exercise plans.

What’s special about your workout tools?

The equipment in Angelo’s Body Bundle is selected for maximum comfort, effective, & safety. Working out in the wrong clothes or on a slippery surface can actually limit your workout productivity, not to mention put you at risk for injury.

How soon can I expect to see results?

Once you begin working out with Angelo’s coaching sessions & the tools in your Body Bundle, you’ll begin seeing results within 2 weeks, guaranteed.

Can I do these workouts anywhere?

Yes! The Body Bundle is designed to go wherever you go, & the exercises can be done anywhere using regular household objects.

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